A Look at Aquaglide’s 2022 Products

A Look at Aquaglide’s 2022 Products

It’s officially 2022, and Aquaglide has released some of it’s raddest Aquapark pieces to date. Designed for the long-term durability demands of commercial spaces, resorts, and camps, Aquaglide’s Aquapark pieces meet the highest quality and product safety standards, and are backed by a group of people who know a thing or two about having some fun on the water. Aquaglide took their Aquapark pieces to the next level this year with some pieces that will surely create the ultimate water playground. So, what are the new products, you ask? Here’s a roundup of nine products released by Aquaglide in 2022.

  1. Thor

To say the new Thor piece makes an impact is an understatement. This signature piece presents a towering spectacle, with a huge capacity (12 people!) and diverse features to keep everyone coming back for more. There are two up-down climbing routes that utilize Tritex material for traction, which also happens to offer some cooling benefits. Once you’ve peaked at the top of Thor, you can choose one of three jumping platforms to launch off of. Rather go down a slide? Choose from two high-velocity chute slides, or two angled drop slides, for a (slightly) milder descent. Thor can be used as a standalone piece, or as a featured centerpiece in any Aquapark setup. Get ready for major excitement and thrill-seeking shrills when you’re in the presence of Thor.

  1. Double Icecap

Think you can get across the Double Icecap easily? Not so fast. This fun obstacle challenge offers users a way to balance across a double-bounce pillow, which becomes as slippery as ice when wet. Not ready for the slide? Try walking the perimeter in order to stay on board. The Double Icecap is best used when connected to another Aquapark on two sides, using the Interlock connection system. Get ready for wiggles, waggles, bouncing, and sliding on the Double Icecap.

  1. Figure 8

On Figure 8, there’s an easy way, and there’s a hard way, but it’s up to you to figure it out. This unique balance obstacle presents a distinct challenge consisting of two ‘S’ shaped routes. The easier path is paved with Tritex material giving you a little more grip, while the more challenging route is likely to test even the most sure-footed individuals. Connect this unique piece to any Aquapark on two ends for a real “balanced” time.

  1. Anvil

Calling all jumpers and climbers, you’re going to want to get your hands on the Anvil. This large corner jump feature adds some serious thrills to an Aquapark. There are two different up-down climbing routes for users to summit the piece, and once up there you can choose to jump from one of three jumping platforms at various heights, or slide down the high-velocity chute or the whopping eight-foot tall drop slide. For the serious climbers, there’s even two advanced lines ascending from the water on the outside corners. Serious fun for all, the Anvil can be used as a standalone piece, or connected to other Aquapark pieces.

  1. Hammer

Think of Hammer as Anvil’s little brother, the one that still offers plenty of fun and thrills. With two up-down climbing routes utilizing Tritex material for traction and cooling, they lead to a massive platform that is 8 feet high, aka the perfect jump-off zone. There’s even an advanced climbing wall on the inside corner for those experienced climbers. Used as a feature piece or stand-alone, the Hammer is a must-have for climbers and jumpers.

  1. Universal Icecap

Do not underestimate the fun of the Universal Icecap! This obstacle challenge offers users a way to balance across the bouncy, slippery pillow on water. Or, you can simply traverse the perimeter, if you dare. But just know, that once you’re on that buoyant pillow, it’s as slippery as ice!

  1. Universal Keyhole

This piece is perfect for all balancing kings and queens looking for a little challenge. The Universal Keyhole allows guests to choose between threading the needle on the center-beam through the “keyhole”, or walking the perimeter path. Don’t fret, if you fall in you can easily hop back on thanks to the interior boarding tubes and handles. Connect the Universal Keyhole onto any aquapark setup, using the Interlock connection system.

  1. Riviera Lounge

The chillest of chill spots, the Riviera Lounge serves as the place where everyone will flock to when it comes time to relax on the water. With tons of extra features like integrated cup holders, a drop-cooler, and a shaded deck, this social lounge space goes the extra mile. Imagine swimming up to enjoy a cool beverage at one of the eight integrated cup holders, you can enjoy from the water. The Riviera Lounge is where it’s at.

  1. C Lounge

Yet another amazing lounge in Aquaglide’s lounge series, the C Lounge offers a unique shape, unlike any of the other lounges. The C-shaped platform offers swim-up access, with plenty of seating (for eight!) and an integrated cooler drop for staying cold, all while basking in the warm sunshine. With a large comfy backrest and spacious seating, it will be hard to stray from the C Lounge.

There you have it, folks. Nine amazing new products to look forward to in the coming season for all of your fun Aquapark needs. From summer camps to the hottest waterfront resorts, jump into the fun with these latest Aquaglide Aquapark pieces.

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