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How to Make Your Camp’s Water Activities a Standout Feature: The Aquapark

There are cool aquaparks. Then there are extra spectacular, time of your life, adrenaline surging type aquaparks. You know the kind. The kind that campers can’t stop thinking about the moment they return home. The kind that are the highlight of your camp that keep kids coming back, telling stories year after year.  And the kind that keep campers active and happy, day in and day out. At Aquaglide, we like the go big or go home approach when it comes to water activities. And at the top of our list? A stellar aquapark that’s the perfect fit for any camp’s space, programming, and budget.

When it comes to your camp’s water activities, think outside of the box. Sure, it’s nice to have your typical paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and designated swimming hole areas. But consider this: by investing in an aquapark featuring high-profile excitement zones that has exciting obstacles and keeps campers engaged and happy, this will bring a lifetime of return on investment.

More Play Value Per Dollar

Dependent upon the number of features you have, aquaparks can accommodate a high number of campers at one time, allowing for closer monitoring of activities.  By nature of group play, aquaparks help build both camaraderie and teamwork with campers.

Another positive attribute of an aquapark is the scalability, meaning you can invest in additional features over time, as increasing demand and budget allows. With an Aquaglide aquapark, you are able to start with a smaller park and build onto the existing structures, creating a larger park, not only accommodating additional campers, but also enhancing the excitement zones and play value.  Ease into your camp’s best asset with a plan that you’re comfortable with, based on your annual budget. Aquaglide’s design team can create a masterplan specific to your needs that can be built in phases, when the time is right. While some brands use velcro to attach the individual park pieces, Aquaglide uses an exclusive D ring design for below water connectivity that not only creates a more secure attachment, but also allows for endless expansion opportunities. As our brand positioning statement says, build excitement with Aquaglide!

All Skill Levels Welcome

As an American Camp Association member, you work hard to please your campers and ensure they are receiving a quality camp experience in a safe, healthy, and fun environment. An aquapark can be custom designed to suit your camper’s ages and abilities — all while helping them gain confidence, exercise, and most importantly, having fun. Multiple activity zones allow many campers to enjoy an obstacle course, take a ride on the Sky Rocket swing, or even jump the day away on a trampoline. No matter the skill level, there is an aquapark component for everyone.

High-Profile Excitement Zones

Whether you want to be known as the camp that has the extra cool aquapark and keep campers coming back year-after-year, or you’re looking to engage more individuals with pay-by-the-day programming, Aquaglide has the exciting aquapark features that will maximize camper’s time out on the water. Here’s a look at a few of our most coveted aquapark structures.

  • Jungle Joe — An impressive, towering climbing structure with the added excitement of a slide.
  • Summit Express (with climbing wall) — Featuring a climbing wall, zero-entry slide, and size-able cave for bouncing, climbing, swinging, and playing.
  • Monkey Dome — The perfect addition for any ninja warrior obstacle course, campers can challenge each other to attempt to cross over these on-the-water monkey bars.
  • Supertramp — An amazing centerpiece to any aquapark, the Supertramp allows campers to jump on one massive water tramp and floating play court.
  • Foxtrot — A challenging balance beam with jump surfaces on either end.

A majority of the average summer camper’s day is spent outside. Add in warm temperatures and a love for the water, and everyone looks forward to the number one camp activity: water play. With exhilarating thrills and an excellent return on investment, a quality inflatable aquapark should be at the top of every camp’s list.

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      Thank you Christos for your feedback!

  1. Beth fraser

    How much does the summer set cost and how do you keep it free of algee.

    1. Aquaglide Team

      Hello Beth, there isn’t a specific summer aquapark configuration but we do offer a range of Classic Configurations which easily adapt to a summer camp setting. If you have any more questions, or would like to pursue a custom park our Customer Service team is ready to help and can be contacted here.

  2. Walter Hass

    Hello. Is There a planing tool where I could figure out the set up and what peces to connect to make it a stable square park including a super tramp 22c Kong of the mountain, jungle jim and catapult. In the corners. I also Have a connector imagine the pieces anchoring the corners

    1. Aquaglide Team

      Hello Walter, our Sales team can help you out with creating your custom park. Please fill out our ‘contact us’ form and our team will contact you shortly. Thank you!

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