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8 Unconventional Gifts Every Paddler Should Have On Their Holiday Wish List

Ahh, the holidays. Between family gatherings, parties with friends, and outings with coworkers, there’s a lot of gifts to be given, as well as received. Don’t spend another holiday season regretting not telling your people what you really want. I mean, that ugly Christmas sweater looks nice hanging in your closet but do you really need a new one every year? Think outside of the box this year and take note of a few things that would be “nice to have”. We’ve compiled a list of eight unconventional gifts that every paddler should have on their holiday wish list.

  1. Aquaglide’s River Crossing Bag

An Aquaglide favorite, the River Crossing Storage Bag is designed for easy transport and active hiking to your favorite destination with your inflatable kayak or SUP. The rugged 600d polyester padded construction means this bag is built to last, with padded, adjustable shoulder straps for comfort, and multiple handles and straps for convenient use. Available in both regular and extra large size, the XL is intended for the Chelan and Blackfoot kayaks, as well as kayaks plus seats and tandem kayaks. In our book, The River Crossing Bag is a must-have for all inflatable owners.

  1. Yeti’s Sidekick Dry Gear Case

When you’re on the water a lot, it’s important to keep all of your valuables safe and water-free. Enter Yeti’s Sidekick Dry Gear Case, a compact waterproof dry bag that keeps valuables safe, accessible, and 100% dry. The perfect spot for your keys, wallet, or phone, the case features interior mesh pockets to keep you organized, a 100% waterproof seal consisting of powerful magnets and ultra-durable hook-and-loop closure, and RF-welded seams that prevent any chance of rogue water coming in.

  1. Aquaglide’s Accelerator HP 12V Pump 20

Get your Aquaglide kayak or SUP inflated quickly and effortlessly with the Accelerator HP 12V Pump 20. This pump is an absolute workhorse; a two-stage digital pump with auto shut-off that makes quick work of inflating Aquaglide SUPs and kayaks with drop-stitch floors. It uses a 12v outlet attachment. With the press of a button and very little effort, you will be on the water in no time.

  1. 303 Aerospace Protectant

For the ultimate UV protection for your kayak and SUP, you need 303 Aerospace Marine Protectant. This product provides the ultimate protection for your water toys, and is designed to safeguard boats and equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays. Simply spray on and wipe dry to restore color and luster, repel stains, and prevent fading even in the harshest marine conditions and sunniest climates. The product is 100% free of grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum distillates, which makes it safe to use on all your outdoor materials—vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, and more. Keep your products looking fresh with this tricks-of-the-trade quality product.

  1. Orion 4-Piece Kayak Paddle

Take charge of your paddling with the lightweight Orion 4-piece paddle, designed for performance paddling in compact, packable boats like the Aquaglide inflatable kayak range. The patented LeverLock® adjustment system and lightweight fiberglass/carbon shaft allow easy adjustment and quick reflex response. Ideal for travel and convenient storage, the compact 4-piece format means Orion easily stows in a kayak storage bag for effortless transportation and storage. An inflatable kayak deserves a compact paddle after all, right?!

  1. Aquaglide’s Frame Seat

Upgrade your inflatable kayak with a comfortable new frame seat, constructed of a sturdy aluminum frame, supporting padded air mesh seat and seat back, and adjustable seat height settings.This seat comes standard on all Aquaglide’s Blackfoot Angler series kayaks, and can be added to most Aquaglide SUP models for a truly unique paddling experience.

  1. Yak-Power’s LED Light Kit

Go for a nighttime paddle and shine bright with Yak-Power’s Complete LED Light Kit, the easiest way to add LED lights to your kayak. The kit comes with everything you need to light up your boat, including super bright LED lights strips that are fully encapsulated and compression molded with a silicone encased connector plug that plugs directly into the Through Hull connector. Not only do the lights look super sleek, the blue light is better for night vision. Let the night paddling begin.

  1. Skwoosh Bilge Sponge

Ensure your boat stays dry with a Skwoosh Bilge Sponge, a highly absorbent sponge that is perfect for quickly soaking up small amounts of water from your boat. The sponge comes with a 100% viscose cover, and easily absorbs over 32 oz. of water. With an elastic hook for hanging this handy sponge stays stored out of the way, ready for you to soak up water as needed.

Not sure what to put on your wishlist this year? Add some excellence to your time on the water with these eight unconventional gifts every paddler should have on your holiday wish list. For more random thoughts on paddling, check out our other blog posts on Common Waters.

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