The Next Biggest Add-On to Aquaparks: Aquaglide’s Monsoon Spray System

We all know and love the warm weather childhood classic: the Slip ‘N Slide. The perfect activity for a hot summer day, cool water continuously splashing down a slippery mat, allowing for an effortless, exciting slide across the lawn. Now, what if that same concept were brought to life in an aquapark? Aquaglide has turned those dreams into reality with the revolutionary, Monsoon Spray System.


A Revolution in Aquapark Design

The Monsoon Spray System was created by the water lovers and aquapark aficionados at Aquaglide, and is the only (patent pending) commercial-grade spray system designed to integrate into aquapark designs. This revolutionary item pushes the boundaries of aquapark design, by shooting a carefully controlled spray of water in a large radius from its center, providing rainbows of color, and keeps guests cool, equipment clean, and maximizes the wow-factor of sliding surfaces throughout the park.


What Are The Benefits of the Monsoon System?

While there is plenty to love about any Aquaglide Aquapark piece, the Monsoon stands out for a number of reasons. The continuous rotating spray of water ensures the surface temperature of surrounding pieces is comfortable and cool, thus reducing skin irritations and burns. Because of the wet surfaces, there is reduced friction. With the constant spray, the pieces become slick, rather than “grabby”, so the user is able to slide more freely on components.


And fear not, with the Monsoon Spray System there’s no more need for the bucket and pulley system to keep slides wet — which can ultimately create fabric damage and lead to air leaks. With the addition of the Monsoon, the lifetime of your other Aquaglide products is extended tenfold. With cooler surfaces, there’s more control over heat expansion, reducing the possibility of over-inflation. If your park is prone to pests like birds that perch on your Aquaglide components, the Monsoon naturally takes care of that problem, reducing the possibility of perched birds with constant water flow.


Sustainability in Mind

Water quality is paramount to insure the proper function of the Monsoon Spray System. The pumps are designed to handle a variety of natural bodies of water, including seawater, lakes, ponds, rivers, as well as brackish water and chlorinated pools. How’s that for sustainable aqua park practices?


Install as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

The Monsoon Spray System can be designed into a new Aquapark configuration, or retrofitted to an existing Aquaglide Aquapark. It was designed to replace any standard Universal piece, which makes planning and design placement easy. While the power of the Monsoon can spray water in a 50-foot radius, it is possible to keep certain stations dry, such as lifeguard stations, entry areas, or kids zones, through strategic placement and smart design of Aquapark components.


The next big thing in Aquaparks is finally here, and it’s definitely on the “must-have” list this summer. To see the system in action, check out the Moonsoon Spray System Video, here. For more details about the Monsoon Sprinkler System, visit

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