Meet the AG Team: Anne Powell, Customer Service Manager

On any paddle expedition, it takes a team of hard working water enthusiasts to run a tight ship. The same is true at Aquaglide. From product design to connecting customers with boats, boards and water parks, this hydro team lives and breathes everything water sports and outdoors. Customer Service Manager Anne Powell shares some behind the scenes perspective on her job at AG, paddling with her family, and more. 

Q: How long have you been a part of the Aquaglide (AG) team? 

A: I have been with Aquaglide a little over 2 years. Currently I’m the Customer Service Manager of an amazing team. We focus on our retailers and customers having a great experience.

Q: What is your favorite type of paddling? What is your favorite paddle vessel in the AG fleet? 

A: Kayaks are by far my favorite craft, and I am all about the flat water and slow moving rivers. My family currently owns a Chinook 120 and I take out our demo Chelan 140 from time to time… I’m looking forward to adding the new Blackfoot 160 model and possibly a Backwoods Angler 75 to my fleet to fish high mountain lakes when I go on backpacking trips. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to paddle? What is your dream paddle trip/location?

A: Hosmer Lake and Crescent Lake, here in Oregon. On my bucket list is the San Juan Islands… Women’s only trip!

Q: Do you take your young ones paddling with you? Any tips for parents looking to take their kids out? 

A: My kids grew up in my kayak, starting out sitting in front of me from the time they could fit a PFD (personal flotation device).  Over the years we have adapted with individual kayaks, tandems, and even a few SUPS (way cooler when you are 9). It is a family tradition to have an all day paddle and picnic before the first day of school.

Advice for parents? Swimming lessons and life vest are a must. Be prepared to do all the work initially, even after they get their own kayaks. I always have a tow rope handy.

Q: What are a few of the most popular water vessels in the AG fleet? 

A: Chinooks and Chelans.

Q: What is your favorite aquapark piece? Which aquapark would you most like to visit, anywhere in the world? 

A: I think my favorite piece is the skyrocket. It looks like so much fun!

Park of choice to visit would be the Adrenalin Quarry Aquapark, in Cornwall UK

Q: What is the most interesting or weirdest job you have ever had? 

A: I have been a licensed guide dog instructor for the state of California!

And yes, my dogs go paddling too.

Q: What is the best part about your job?

A: Inspiring others to find the joy of paddling!

Q: What do you most like about Bend? 

A: There are so many easy day trips. We have mountains, lakes, rivers, and a desert to boot!  It is all about variety. There is always something to do outside.

Q: Share a fun fact about yourself! Or 20! 

A: I speak a little dutch: Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands omdat ik daar een jaar heb gewoond!

I grow amazing tomatoes every summer and I enjoy fly fishing! 

If you see Anne around – be sure to throw her an air high five! See you on the water!

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