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It’s Not Too Late: How To Set Your Paddle Intentions This Season and Stick To Them

We’re already one month into the New Year, which means we’re that much closer to getting back onto the water doing what we love most. Whether you’re a novice or an incredibly skilled paddler, it’s easy to let go of intention and go with the flow, especially in this rapidly changing, ever-evolving world we live in. Allow yourself to fully enjoy this upcoming paddle season by setting some healthy goals and positive intentions for yourself, and your beloved hobby. We’re diving into how to set your new year paddle intentions and how to follow through with them, to make this your brightest and best paddle season yet.

Get Your Gear In Check

The gear and accessories offered in the paddling world are always changing. Bigger, better, more compact, easily accessible, safety first — all of these are great qualities in paddling gear that typically offer a smoother and safer ride for the user. Take inventory of the gear you have and determine what it is you might need for this upcoming season on the water. Do you have all of the safety equipment you need to head out on open waters confidently? Are you an angler, and making the most of your time on the water with the tools and gear you currently have? 

Determine what type of paddler you want to be, and outfit yourself with the tools you need to become that paddler. While your personal skill or technique is key, the gear and accessories that accompany you on your ride are a close second to making the most of your paddle days. Check out our top gear and accessories blog post to get yourself familiar on what’s best on the market these days.

Pick a Skill or Technique — Then Master It

Whether you’ve spent years and years paddling on the water, or you’re new to the watersport scene, there’s always something to learn. Perhaps you are looking to perfect your paddle board technique to make you a stronger, more capable paddler. Make sure your stance is where it should be —  proper foot placement and proper SUP posture are key to enhancing your stance and setup. Or take your paddle stroke to the next level while perfecting the three stages of the paddle stroke: the dip, the power phase, and the release and transition.

There’s no better way to improve on a skill than to simply get out there and practice. Before you get on the water, there are tons of resources online to peruse and listen to, including written articles and podcasts. From improving your kayak technique to getting your SUP stroke down, pick and choose what it is you want to focus on this year, and do it well.

X Marks The Spot: Discover New Paddling Spots

When it comes to setting goals, it’s important to consider all aspects. What is it that makes you happy? Are you looking for adventure? Close to home? In the wild? As watersport enthusiasts, it’s in our DNA to want to see the world and never stop adventuring. Maybe this is the year you’d like to explore more paddling spots. Will it take an overnight escapade to get you where you need to go? That’s great! It’s never too late to start exploring, and frankly it should be your goal to never stop exploring. Map out the paddling spots you’ve been pining over, and make this the year you check them out. 

It can be easy to let yourself slide. Find your groove in your paddling hobby this season and don’t let it go. Get inspired with new paddling spots that allow you to embark on crazy adventures. Feel confident in gear and accessories that accommodate your needs, both for safety and personal reasons. And hone in on your craft more than you ever have before, with time and patience to practice a new-to-you skill on your boat. You are your only roadblock — don’t let yourself down. Give yourself a little grace, and build confidence in and out of the water when you make the time to set your paddle intentions, and stick to them.

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