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5 Ways to Romanticize Your Valentine’s Paddle

It’s hard to imagine anything more dreamy than a paddle powered love-boat cruise to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The exhilaration of a gentle crisp breeze in your hair while exploring a water way from the comfort of a cozy tandem kayak. Bundled up and warm, drifting with pairings of waterfowl like Canadian Geese and Mallards – cupid can’t be far. Here are five ways to crest the romance floodgates on your paddle trip this Valentine’s Day (and don’t forget that even single folks will enjoy these additions)!


All the Greek Gods and their constellations (including cupid) are swirling above us every day in the nights’ sky. Why not bring a warm blanket and an astronomy smart phone app like SkyView, Night Sky, or Star Walk along? To really knock your honey’s socks off, find out their birthday in advance, identify their zodiac constellation before your paddle date, then point it out while cuddled up. To level up your stargazing even further, pack a portable telescope! 

Fireside Cuddles

Choose a paddle location with a shoreline or pull out that allows fires. Pack some kindling and a bundle of wood in a dry bag. You’ll want to think about bringing along a loveseat camp chair for two – a primo onshore love birds nest. Finally, for icing on the fireside romance cake, bring a stash of s’more fixings and a Hydro Flask or thermos with your adult beverage of choice. Sure-fire decadence. 

Candle Lit Dinner 

This is an extension of the fireside option. Dinner can be prepared in a Dutch Oven (DO) or tin foil boats. For the DO, think curry, soup or some other one pot wonder. For the tin foil boats, try cubed chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic, drizzled with olive oil. Set the DO or tin foil boats on some slow smoldering coals. While you wait, decorate with some tea candles for ambiance. Nothing says romance like dining in the great outdoors. 

Cold Plunge 

For the most courageous couple, a dip in the water is sure to douse everything but the romance. For this date addition, you’ll want a bathing suit (or not…who are we to judge?), towel, and maybe more blankets handy. The longer you can stay in, the more the positive health effects will permeate. Hold hands for stability and emotional support. At first, it may seem adrenaline inducing – but just wait for the post-plunge chill out session. This heart opener will awaken your wild. 

Dual Sport Date

To spice up your Valentine’s Day even more, make your date dual-sport. Consider paddling to a trail head for a hike. If you’ll be there during dusk, bring a headlamp just in case – however, at least try to let your eyes adjust walking in the dark. Another fun tip: Chewing on certs mints at night can light up your mouth!

For Valentine’s Dates, nothing beats a tandem kayak. With these super stable boats, you can both spend time with your loved one and load the kayak up with ambiance building, romance making gear. Sit back and watch the magic unfold. Happy Valentine’s to all, and we’ll see you on the water! 

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