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Micro XL 35

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As the name suggests, Micro designs are generally small to moderate in size and tend to emphasize maximum excitement happening at the main feature items. By minimizing pathways, these layouts are designed to provide maximum play value at a minimum cost.

Similar to Micro Large, Micro XL sets up four high-excitement Signature features but fires up the amplitude with even larger items. Universal Keyhole hub offers a great obstacle challenge for four-way traffic while expanding users’ sessions with climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping features around the perimeter. Maximum excitement for up to 35 users in a super-compact footprint.  Micro parks offer a great starter aquapark to grow as desired.

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3-year commercial warranty against any manufacturing defects.


68ft (20,7m) x 69ft (21,0m)

Min Water Depth

9′ (2,78m)

Not Included

Anchors, mooring lines, PFD’s and inflation pumps.

More Specs

Product Notes

List of Components

  • Hammer (1)
  • Jungle Joe TR (1)
  • Catapult w/ Trapeze (1)
  • Thunderdome (1)
  • Universal Keyhole (1)
  • Speedway 10 (4)
  • Swimstep 5 x 5 (2)
  • Blast Bag (1)
  • 20 moorings

Aquaparks require moorings, anchors, pumps, and other support accessories.