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HH-66 Adhesive - 16oz


16oz can of HH-66 adhesive for making professional repairs to Aquaglide commercial and Lakefront items made of Duratex reinforced PVC. This item is ideal for medium-sized, or multiple repairs when you already have plenty of the other necessary supplies on hand. A small glue brush is integrated into the screw cap for convenient gluing.

This item can only be shipped via UPS Ground inside the continental United States due to the fact that the adhesive is considered a hazardous material in transit.

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Best For

Professional gluing repairs to AG commercial and Lakefront items.


HH-66 - 16oz

Not Included

Shop towel, nitrile gloves, respirator, scissors and/or razor knife, self-adhesive patch material, Duratex patches, solvent, sandpaper, China marker. For complete kit check AG Repair Kit.

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Key Tech Features

  • HH-66 – This single-part adhesive is the ‘right stuff’ for professional glued repairs with PVC.