Aquatrainer Mat


The AquaTrainer Mat provides a fun and dynamic way to exercise on the water. Its unique design allows for physical aquatic therapy, boot camp-type workouts, aquatic yoga, and pilates. The ability to be used in both pools and open water makes it a best-in-class floating training platform that elevates anyone’s training to the next level. The lightweight and durable design of the AquaTrainer provides maximum stability and makes it easy to carry and set up due to its small footprint. Utilizing commercial-grade materials and drop-stitch construction provides years of worry-free use.

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Best For

Yoga and improving balance.


1 Adult / 1 Child


Limited 1 year


8’1” L (246 cm) x 2’9” W (83 cm) x 6” H (15 cm)

Min Water Depth

4’ (1.2 m)


AquaTrainer and repair kit.

Not Included

Anchoring weights, straps, mooring lines, and inflation pump.

More Specs

Key Tech Features

  • Welded Drop-stitch – 15cm welded drop-stitch construction with 3-layer seams.
  • EVA – Integrated EVA deck provides great traction and proper padding for peace and serenity.
  • Halkey-Roberts valve – With tamper-proof cap for quick, effective inflation/ deflation.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Weight – 250 lb. (114 kg) max weight.
  • Materials – 15 cm welded double-layer fused drop-stitch.
  • Minimum Distance from Shore – 10’ (3.0 m)
  • Number of Accessory Attachment D-rings – 2 on each side, 1 on each end. 6 total.
  • Minimum Required Anchor Weight – 220 lb. (100 kg)
  • Anchor Points – 6

Product Notes

  • Weight recommendations are for anchoring in conditions with extreme weather, waves, or other abnormal conditions. Aquaglide recommends contacting a dock and mooring specialist for anchor installation options and assistance.
  • The safety of our customers and their guests is our highest priority. Careful thought goes into the design of our aquapark components, connection points and configurations to assure maximum safety and enjoyment. Consequently, Aquaglide Lakefront and Aquapark products are not authorized for use in combination with products or attachments from any other manufacturer. Aquaglide product combinations must be authorized or approved in advance by the manufacturer. Use of Aquaglide products in combination with products from any other manufacturer and/or product arrangements not previously approved by Aquaglide may result in increased risk of entrapment, injury, or death.