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AG Repair Kit


Complete repair kit for making professional repairs to Aquaglide commercial and Lakefront items. Kit contains and self-adhesive clear patch material for quick repairs and a set of color-matched Duratex patches (6” x 4”) for long term-repairs. Also included are 4oz of MEK solvent, 4oz of HH-66 single-part adhesive, handy alcohol wipes, sandpaper, China marker and an additional gluing brush for quick application.

This item can only be shipped via UPS Ground inside the continental United States due to the fact that the adhesive is considered a hazardous material in transit.

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Best For

Professional gluing repairs to AG commercial and Lakefront items.


Self-adhesive patch material, Duratex patches, HH-66, MEK, alcohol wipes, sandpaper, China marker, glue brush, storage container.

Not Included

Shop towel, nitrile gloves, respirator, scissors and/or razor knife.

More Specs

Key Tech Features

  • Storage Container – Keeps all items in one place so they’re available when you need them.
  • HH-66 – This single-part adhesive is the ‘right stuff’ for professional glued repairs with PVC.
  • MEK Solvent – It doesn’t take much, but skipping this critical step may jeopardize your repair.
  • Self-Adhesive Patch – Perfect for quick repairs to get items back on the water fast.
  • Duratex – Assorted Duratex patches are color-matched to AG materials so repairs won’t stand out.
  • Sandpaper – 150 grit Emory cloth helps roughen the gluing surface without leaving a lot of residue.
  • Alcohol Wipes – Helpful for removing surface oils on a spot repair or before using self-adhesive patches.
  • China Marker – Ideal for marking the gluing area to make a clean, professional repair.
  • Glue Brush – Nice to have for medium or larger projects.