Plunge Slide

Plunge Slide

Item # 585209204

The perfect match for any trampoline

Best For: Sliding
Capacity: 2
Warranty: Limited 3 year
Dimensions: L 79” x W 65” x H 53” (L 201cm x W 165cm x H 135cm)
Weight: 32.78lbs (14.9kg)
Box Dimensions: L 29.5 x W 21.7″ x H 6.3″, (L 75cm x W 55cm x H 16cm)
Min Water Depth: 8′ (2,44m)
Not Included: Pump, No Anchor Rings
Pairs with Rebound 20



Designed to fit most water trampolines with a 35″ to 40″ tube diameter including SuperTramps the double- wide 60″ sliding surface leaves plenty of room for up to two users. The Plunge attaches with a modified version of our Vario-Lock cinch strap system.


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