Accelerator HP 12v Pump 20

Accelerator HP 12v Pump 20

Item # 585321260
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The Accelerator HP 12v 20 is a two-stage digital pump with auto shut-off that makes quick work of inflating modern SUPs and kayaks with drop-stitch floors. Uses a 12v outlet attachment.

This pump is designed to fit Aquaglide valves. We cannot guarantee that it will fit other brand’s valves.

Best For: modern SUPs and kayaks with a high-pressure drop-stitch floor.
Max Pressure: 20 psi (1.5 b).
Air Flow: 350L/min. (stage 1), 70L/min. (stage 2).
Includes: 4 ft. (1.3 m) hose, and Halkey-Roberts, Boston, and stem fittings.


2 reviews for Accelerator HP 12v Pump 20

  1. Janice Trimble

    This pump does the thinking for you. Air in or air out, it’s flawless!

  2. Gary Vinyard (verified owner)

    The pump works great. The hand pump works well but the electric pump let’s you use all of your energy to paddle. Set the proper PSI and the pump does all of work and let’s you enjoy your time on the water.

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Item # 585321260