What Makes a Classic Configuration?


Sticking to the proven basics, our Classic collection of aquaparks highlights the fun and excitement of each piece. This configuration is easily scalable with key features and central pathways for easy access. Building off of our standard track system, paths are direct and simplified making access easy and fast for users.

Ideal settings for Classic configurations are camps and some moderate-volume commercial operators. Organizers and operators looking for a configuration that can be tailored for budget, target capacity and age of users can check all the boxes with a Classic configured aquapark.

The final touch for the various offered Classic aquapark configurations is the Monsoon Spray System. Our patent-pending Monsoon adds another element of fun, while also contributing to maintaining health of aquapark pieces. means that park pieces will remain cool, while loosening surface friction for users running and sliding across pieces. This style of configuration is best for those looking to create a park geared toward a specific number of users and are working within a budget.

Take a look at our current line up of Classic aquapark configurations by clicking the button below, or reach out to our Customer Service team for details on creating your custom Classic Configuration today. 

aquapark from above