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What Makes Us The Best

Aquapark selection is a big decision. Here are some important points to consider before making your choice.

Before Aquaglide, there were no Aquaparks, only water trampolines with limited accessories. To change this, our design team developed the first in water connection system that allowed several pieces to be securely connected together with ease.  We called it the Interloc System.  Aquaglide also developed the Runway, the first walking platform that integrated seamlessly with our Interloc System and this quickly became an integral part of the basic Aquapark design we still use today. Innovations found in our products such as the Jungle Joe and Summit,  which featured the first tubular climbing system and the first giant climbing structure and slide respectively are still in our lineup.  Our passion for inflatable technology pushes us to constantly adapt and push the boundaries of what is possible.Superior Design and Innovation Sets us Apart


Duratex Material

Duratex Material


Hardbottom (HB)


Duratex™ is the best quality material for commercial aquaparks, period. Aquaglide is the only brand that works with a materials factory to develop our own exclusive formula. Our fabric reinforced PVC has better elasticity and superior adhesion which insures the best quality construction and reliability. Aquaglide is also the only brand to integrate technologically advanced Hardbottom™ (HB) material with high-pressure capability in areas where extreme durability is required.

Three Layer Seams

Three Layer Seams



Aquaglide Service centers around the world offer a full range of support including help with permitting, installation, business planning, custom design services, and maintenance. We continuously strive to provide the highest possible level of service and support to our customers. In every region around the globe, Aquaglide people are generally the ones with the most knowledge and experience in serving the needs of the most discerning camps, resorts and residential customers. If you want the best, choose to work with the best.


We stand behind our products, guaranteed. Aquaglide products are not only better built, they are also backed by a 3-year limited warranty against any defect in material or workmanship. Do the research, you cannot find better products or better support.



Each and every Aquaglide product is submitted to extensive lab and field-testing to ensure that it meets and exceeds the most rigorous product safety standards on the planet. Our products are third-party certified compliant with CPSIA and EN 15649, the highest possible standards in the business. We strongly encourage customers to ask for proof of compliance when considering any supplier.


At Aquaglide we don’t just build products, we build trust. This is a process that can only be done by forging longterm partnerships with people; in this case everyone from manufacturing suppliers to the end consumer. When you make the decision to purchase an Aquaglide product you can trust that you will receive a safe, high quality product and the highest level of service available, guaranteed.