Challenge Track M

Challenge Track Medium is optimized for short course pools with a more traditional depth profile ranging from 3.5 to 8 feet (1m – 2.44m). Four interesting challenges provide numerous, exciting play options for up to 12 users at once. Successfully navigate the Overpass and Keyhole features, and the popular Jungle Jim awaits while the King of the Mountain with slide caps off the fun with a splash.

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3-year commercial warranty against any manufacturing defects.


62ft (18,9m) x 16.5ft (5,0m)

Min Water Depth

8.0 ft (2,44 m)

Not Included

Mooring lines and inflation pumps.

More Specs

Product Notes

List of Components

  • Jungle Jim (1)
  • King of the Mountain (set) (1)
  • Overpass 10 (1)
  • Universal Keyhole (1)
  • Swimstep 5 x 5 (4)
  • 14 moorings

Aquaparks require moorings, anchors, pumps, and other support accessories.