Summit Express

Summit Express product shot
Summit Express product shot
Summit Express
Summit Express

Summit Express

Item # 585219627

Slightly shorter than the Freefall Supreme and not quite as long as the Everest, the Summit Express still provides plenty of opportunity for play. It features a zero-entry slide that enables multiple users at once and a sizeable cave below the slide for playing, bouncing, swinging, and resting. The Summit Express can be used as a standalone focal point feature or connected to other Aquaglide Aquapark features using the D-Ring Interloc system.

Best For: sliding, playing, bouncing, hanging, and relaxing.
Capacity: 12 Adults / 12 Children
Warranty: 3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 29’10” L (909 cm) x 9’ W (274 cm) x 16’5” H (500 cm)
Slide Height: 12’2” (3,71m)
Weight: 642 lb. (291 kg)
Box Dimensions: L 52″ x W 43″ x H 34.2″ (L 132cm x W 110cm x H 87cm)
Min Water Depth: 11’ (3.3 m)
Includes: Summit Express and repair kit.
Not Included: Boarding platform, anchor weights, mooring lines, Vario-Lock™ straps, and inflation pump.



Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Key Technical Features

  • Double I-Beam – Extra-reinforced, welded double-I-Beam construction with 3-layer seams.
  • Tubular – Integrates welded structural tube construction with 3-layer seams.
  • Duratex Cx3 – Premium commercial-grade material optimized for durability, weld strength and UV resistance.
  • Interlock 5 – 3 sets of secure and tamper-free 5-ring connections using our 2-Step Vario Strap system.
  • Halkey-Roberts valves – With tamper-proof cap for quick, effective inflation/ deflation.
  • PRV – Pressure relief valve to help protect against catastrophic over-inflation.


Key User Activities

  • Climb – Integrated novice, stepped climbing line.
  • Slide – Features an exciting zero entry slide feature for ultimate enjoyment.
  • Cave – Adds interest with a shaded cave feature.
  • Multi-level – Diverse multi-level play area accommodates more users.
  • Monkey – Features overhead grip or monkey bar style handles which add to the fun!


Technical Specifications

  • Material – 0.90 mm / 31 oz Cx3
  • Max Weight – 2,500 lb. (1,134 kg) max weight.
  • Minimum Distance from Shore – 15’ (4.5 m)
  • Minimum Required Total Anchor Weight – 6,600 lb. (3,000 kg)
  • Anchor Rings: – 6
  • Accessory Attachment D-rings – 5 each on 3 sides.


Product Notes

  • Weight recommendations are for anchoring in conditions with extreme weather, waves, or other abnormal conditions. Aquaglide recommends contacting a dock and mooring specialist for anchor installation options and assistance.
  • If utilizing as a standalone piece, this item requires a boarding platform (not included) such as Swimstep XL, Swimstep 5×5, Speedway 10, Speedway 20, or Splashmat.
  • The safety of our customers and their guests is our highest priority. Careful thought goes into the design of our aquapark components, connection points and configurations to assure maximum safety and enjoyment. Consequently, Aquaglide Lakefront and Aquapark products are not authorized for use in combination with products or attachments from any other manufacturer. Aquaglide product combinations must be authorized or approved in advance by the manufacturer. Use of Aquaglide products in combination with products from any other manufacturer and/or product arrangements not previously approved by Aquaglide may result in increased risk of entrapment, injury, or death.


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