Posi-Track Fin

Posi Track Kayak Fin

Posi-Track Fin

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3 reviews for Posi-Track Fin

  1. Plante Robert

    Good afternoon, I lost the screw and little plate holding the posi track fin on my Chelan kayak (155HB). I would like to order those two pieces, or the posi-track fin. Can you help me ?

    • Aquaglide Team

      Hi, Robert. Please reach out to the Aquaglide Customer Service team via our contact form (https://www.aquaglide.com/contact-us/) or phone (855 – 502 – 2782), and they will get back to you shortly. Thanks!

  2. Plante Robert

    I do like this kayak

  3. Barbara Timms

    I would be down for giving this kayak a 5 star rating if it weren’t for that pesky little screw pin & small plate that holds the track fin in the slot on the bottom of the kayak. It comes undone and is lost. You risk losing the entire fin if it slides out of the track before you notice the pin screw is gone. The website does not offer a replacement pin. Your only option here is to buy the whole fin to get the pin screw. So alas, I must call customer service and hopefully be able to just order the pin screw.

    I really do love this kayak other than that one little screw. It is easy to operate, sturdy, roomy, easy to inflate and deflate, and easy to pack. Many wonderful hours on both lakes and rivers.

    • aquaglidedev

      Hey, Barbara. Thanks for your feedback! We recognize the potential for improvement in the posi-track fin system, and are working hard on alternatives for future models. In the meantime, we do offer just the screw and plate as replacement parts – you can find that item here: https://www.aquaglide.com/product/finbox-screw-posi-track-fin/

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