Orion 4-Piece Leverlock® Kayak Paddle

Orion 4-Piece Leverlock® Kayak Paddle

Item # 584321101

The lightweight Orion 4-piece paddle is designed for performance paddling in compact, packable boats like the Aquaglide inflatable kayak range. Patented LeverLock® adjustment system and lightweight fiberglass/carbon shaft allow easy adjustment and quick reflex response (US Patent 8491349). Glass-reinforced nylon blades are tough and durable. Ideal for travel and convenient storage, compact 4-piece format means Orion easily stows in a kayak storage bag for effortless transportation and storage.

Best For: lightweight performance paddling and packability.
Blade Area: 110 sq. in. (715 sq. cm.).
Warranty: 1-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 230cm – 255cm L.



Key Features

  • 4-Piece Design – for effortless transportation and storage
  • Adjustable Fiberglass/Carbon Shaft – for easy adjustment and quick reflex response
  • Patented LeverLock® System – offers a 230 cm–255 cm range of adjustment
  • Glass-reinforced Nylon Blades – are tough and durable


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Item # 584321101

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