Navarro 145

Navarro 145

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The Navarro 145 is a convertible open deck or sit-inside inflatable kayak with a drop-stitch hard-bottom floor that’s made for 1 or 2-person recreational paddling. The open deck design can be quickly converted to a sit-inside deck by adding an optional zip-on deck cover to protect from the elements. The versatile Navarro 145 combines stable straight-line tracking with exceptional comfort for year-round, all-weather solo or tandem paddling.

Best For: recreational 1 or 2-person touring and all-around use.
Capacity: 1 or 2-person | 500 lb. (227 kg) max weight.
Warranty: 1-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 14’-4” (437 cm) L x 39” (99 cm) W x 13” (33 cm) H x 10.5″ tube diameter.
Hull Weight: 36 lbs / 16.3 kgs
Includes: kayak, seats (2), footrests (2), quick-release fin, storage bag, and repair kit.
Not Included: pump, paddle(s), and PFD(s) (Personal Flotation Device).
Requires Halkey-Roberts and Boston Valve adaptors to inflate properly.



Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Key Technical Features

  • HexShell Deck Cover – made of 600 denier hex ripstop polyester for durability, puncture-resistance, and protection from the elements
  • Drop-stitch Floor – provides durability, rigidity, and optimal performance
  • Seals 2.5 Spray Skirt Compatible – optional accessory spray skirt helps keep the elements out during cold or adverse conditions  (requires optional Zip-on Deck Cover to utilize a spray Skirt)
  • Optional Zip-on Deck Cover – for inclement weather, can be removed in warmer conditions. Comes in both single and tandem versions
  • Lightweight Packable Design – weighs only 33-pounds and includes a duffle-style storage bag for effortless transportation and storage


Key User Features

  • Core 2.0 Quick Release Seats – offer a thick padded seat cushion and breathable high backrest
  • Face Time Seating Option – allows bow seat to be installed to face stern paddler
  • Adjustable Foot Rests – for comfort and paddling efficiency
  • Quick Release Weedless Fin – for increased tracking
  • Paddle Keepers – located on both sides offer hands-free access when not paddling
  • Velcro Adjustment Strips – allow for personalized custom seat positions
  • Zip Storage – under the deck in bow and stern for extra gear storage and quick access
  • Inflatable Deck Lift – keeps water out and increases space below deck
  • Molded Plastic Carry Handles – on bow and stern for comfortable carrying or lifting
  • Deck Cargo Bungee – on bow offers secure storage of extra gear
  • Cockpit Drain – opens easily to drain any water from the boat
  • Boston Valves – provide quick inflation and deflation
  • PA (Polyamide) Nylon D-rings – provide secure attachment for seat and extra gear

3 reviews for Navarro 145

  1. JaimeS (verified owner)

    We have had 2 of these kayaks for about 10 months now. They perform very well on the water and people are often surprised that they are inflatable. They are very durable, and we often take them out for about 6 hours on open water in the Florida bay. Our biggest complaint about the kayak is the polyester cover takes a long time to dry after you have cleaned the kayak, just something to beware. Also the inflation valves at the stern are too close together and tends to kink the inflation tube of the pump when they are almost full.

  2. Paul Ginger

    I’ve used this kayak on Lakes Michigan and Ontario as a solo paddler and as a tandem.

    Solo, it handled very well in 3′ and 4′ swells about .75 – 1 mile offshore on Lake Ontario in Toronto with steady 10+ mph winds coming across the lake from the south.

    As a tandem, it handled 2′ and 3′ very choppy waters closer to the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago … about .5 mi out, also in 10+ mph winds from the SE.

    This kayak is very stable, even when I deliberately turned it to take the Lake Ontario waves broadside. On Lake Michigan, my paddling partner and I caught a number of waves broadside, and from every other direction too, often simultaneously, and this kayak handled them all very well. The kayak’s inherent bouyancy (and its hard floor and 39″ width) keeps it on top of the swells. The choppiness in Chicago resulted from waves bouncing off of several peninsulas and fishing piers we were paddling past, in addition to the waves the wind and passing yachts kicked up.

    I’ve also used this boat solo in much calmer conditions on Lake Ontario and on a smaller inland lake in the Chicago area in windy conditions.

    It tracked and glided very well in all of the above situations. Speed? Solo on Lake Ontario, first directly into the wind, and then back to shore with the wind at my back, I covered the distance out and back in a little more than an hour (it was maybe 1.5 – 2 miles total). On Lake Michigan — tandem — we covered a similar N-S distance, plus the .5 mile out from shore in about 75 minutes. The speed was just fine for my/our recreational purposes.

    With the tandem deck cover installed for the Lake Michigan paddle (I didn’t have a deck cover in Toronto) we were significantly drier than on I was Lake Ontario, though very little water sprayed over the pontoons; it primarily dripped from the paddles.

    BTW: if you’re not familiar with the Great Lakes, they’re very large, formidable bodies of water that, until I tried this boat, I would have said are best taken only in a sea kayak, even as close to shore as I was on these paddles. I’ve now revised my views. The Great Lakes remain large, formidable bodies of water, but I now see that a high-quality inflatable kayak can manage their close-to-shore waters, even in somewhat turbulent conditions.

    Set-up requires about 15 minutes. I note that on the small inland lake (this boat’s maiden voyage) I was taking the kayak out of its duffel bag just as a hard shell kayaker was taking his vessel out of the water. I inflated the Navarro 145, installed the skeg and a seat, assembled my paddle, put on my life jacket, and was on the water before he finished hoisting and fastening his kayak on his SUV … not that I was competing or anything!

    Drying out this kayak is more arduous than I anticipated. The tough fabric that protects the bladders definitely requires time — and in my circumstances — another set-up of the boat where I could wipe it down thoroughly and wait for it to dry, which wasn’t exactly a short time. Be ready for this chore, which I’d say is the one drawback to this boat.

    A small irritant that I hope doesn’t become a much bigger one: the need to switch between the Boston and Halkey-Roberts valves to inflate this boat entails changing two little vinyl washers (one black and one red) on the hand pump. It’s just an extra step, and potentially a significant inconvenience. I sure hope I don’t lose one of those washers. Why didn’t Aquagilde use a single type of valve? Or, sticking with the current configuration (2 different valve types) simply include an extra of each washer, just in case. Surely that’s an immaterial expense — or, fine, charge me an extra $1 for them if you must. Just give me an extra of each washer! What a disappointment if one of those little bitty things goes missing! The phone call I make to order a replacement will NOT be a happy one. I say “phone call” because I don’t see replacement washers among the parts and accessories available on AG’s website. AG clearly thought through many details to develop this excellent kayak, but they sure missed that one.

  3. Drew

    I have had this Kayak since July of 2020. I live in Alaska and I’ve really put this kayak through it’s paces. I’ve taken it via water taxi to remote Alaskan beaches and sea kayaked with Orcas, across massive 4,000 water acre sized lakes, along the edge of glaciers, to a lazy meandering slough that feeds into a river. I have never once felt unstable in this kayak, even in the ocean with boat wakes. With the right pump, it inflates quickly and effectively. The kayak is comfortable, roomy, and the spray deck really adds to the versatility of the product. Everywhere I take this kayak I get asked about it. On my last trip, I felt like an aquaglide rep when I pulled it out of the ocean to people waiting to talk to me about the kayak.

    The win for me is I don’t have a truck: this kayak fits neatly into the trunk of my car. If I need to walk a little further to launch, I purchased the backpack this goes in to get closer to the water. Other sea kayakers ask me about it since they struggle getting their heavy kayaks on top of their vehicles. The only downside is opening it back up at home to wash it off and get it dried. All in all, it is well worth the $$ if you are looking for a tandem inflatable!

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Item # 584119110

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