Escalade Summit Climbing Wall

Escalade Summit Climbing Wall

Escalade Summit Climbing Wall

Item # 585215113

Our climbing walls represent a leap forward in design

Best For: Climbing
Capacity: 1
Warranty: Limited 3 year
Dimensions: L 4.1′ x W 5′ x H 12′ (L 1,3m x W 1,4m x H 3,7m)
Weight: 129.8lbs (59kg)
Box Dimensions: L 95cm x W 72cm x H 45cm (L 37.5″ x W 28.4″ x H 17.8″)
Min Water Depth: 9′ (2,74m)



Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Standing over 16ft (5m) tall, this climbing wall presents an adrenaline rush that is not for the faint of heart. The reinforced handles and oversized footsteps that lead from the water level to the summit of this massive climbing wall allow for sufficient grip, while still making the climb an engaging challenge. This commanding piece connects exclusively to an Aquaglide Summit.


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