Dual Action Hand Pump 25

Dual Action Hand Pump 25

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The perfect all around manual pump for inflating kayaks, ISUPs and small aquapark pieces.

Best For: SUP and Kayak Inflation


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An alternative to electric pumps, the Dual Action Hand Pump is perfect for inflating kayaks, ISUPs, and small aquapark pieces. Complete with a pressure gauge, hose, and interchangeable nozzles this pump is a equipped to get the job done!


• Double or Single action for rapid inflation

• Extra-resistant inflation hose

• Ergonomic T-shape handle

• Enlarged ergonomic base for extra stability

• 2 valve fittings

• Built-in pressure gauge 0-2 bar (0-29 psi)


• Capacity: 1×2000 cc

• Dimensions: 5.75″ x 12″ x 25″ (14,6 x 30,5 x 63,5 cm)

• Weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz. (1,2 kg)

• Material: ABS and Aluminum

• Applications: Inflatable kayaks, Inflatable SUPs and valve capatible inflatable products


• Dual Action HP Hand Pump 29

• 50.5″ (128,3 cm), 1″ diameter (26mm) hose

• 2 valve fitting adapters: 718/2005 (Halkey-Roberts type valve), Boston (rapid inflate)

• 2 replacement o-rings


1. Attach the hose to the pump.

2. Select adaptor based on valve type and attach to the hose.

2. Move the lever to double action for inflating twice as fast and begin pumping.

3. Continue pumping until you reach the required psi (bar) pressure.

Use the built-in pressure gauge to see your progress.

If your product requires a psi (bar) higher than 10 psi (0,68 bar) it is recommended to switch the lever to single action to reach high pressures.

1. To achieve higher pressure pump your item until you are anywhere between 7-10 psi (0,48 – 0,68 bar).

2. Stop pumping and move the lever to single action. Continue pumping until you reach the proper pressure for your item. Use the built-in pressure gauge to see your progress.

For more information visit: aquaglide.com


The Y hose adaptor can be used with the Dual Action HP Pump 29 for double the action and half the pump time. This is especially helpful when inflating two side chambers of an inflatable kayak.

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