Chelan 155

Chelan 155

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A true tandem inflatable kayak for performance touring, the Chelan 155 is optimized for hull speed and paddling efficiency that can be used as a solo boat, for two adults plus gear, or with a child or pet. The unique combination of rugged Duratex™ tube construction with a drop-stitch, hard-bottom floor results in a rigid and responsive open cockpit inflatable kayak. The rocker lines of the Chelan 155 have been carefully designed for optimal touring performance, and features such as enhanced gear storage and customization options make this boat a favorite. Compact enough for easy storage and transportation, the Chelan 155 is a true tandem kayak ideal for performance touring and expeditions.

Best For: 1 or 2-person performance touring.
Capacity: 1 or 2-person | 600 lb. (272kg) max weight.
Warranty: 2-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 15’-1” (461 cm) L x 36” (91.5 cm) W x 11.5” (29 cm) H x 10.5″ tube diameter.
Hull Weight: 38 lbs / 14.2 kgs
Includes: kayak, seats (2), child seat (1), fin, storage bag, Halkey-Roberts Valve adaptor, and repair kit.
Not Included: pump, paddle(s), and PFD(s) (Personal Flotation Device).
Requires Halkey-Roberts Style Valve adaptor to inflate properly (included in repair kit).



Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Key Technical Features

  • Duratex™ – reinforced PVC is lightweight, stiff, and extremely durable
  • Drop-stitch Floor – provides durability, rigidity, and optimal performance
  • MOLLE Plates – with included mesh bags provide a customizable gear carrying system
  • Universal Accessory Mounts – for mounting cupholder, POV camera, rod holder, and more
  • Cockpit Splashguard – keeps water out and paddler dry
  • Lightweight Packable Design – weighs only 42-pounds and includes River Crossing backpack-style storage bag for effortless transportation and storage



Key User Features

  • ProFormance Seats – with inflatable padded seat cushions and high backrests, provide adjustable back support and includes front webbing pockets, and rear gear pocket
  • Seat Backstraps – provide added tension to keep the seat firmly in position in rough water
  • Posi-track Weedless Fin – increases tracking and quickly attaches to universal US Fin Box System
  • Adjustable Foot Rests – for comfort and paddling efficiency
  • Velcro Adjustment Strips – allow for personalized custom seat positions
  • Deck Cargo Bungees – on bow and stern offer secure storage of extra gear
  • Molded Plastic Carry Handles – on bow and stern for comfortable carrying or lifting
  • Scupper Drains – seven (7) drains open easily to drain any water from the boat
  • Halkey-Roberts Type Valves – for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Webbing Tie-Down Loops – every 6”- 12” along the cockpit for attaching cooler, dry bag, or gear
  • Stainless Steel D-Rings – for secure attachment of seat, extra throw bags, or other gear

10 reviews for Chelan 155

  1. Michael Arnstein

    Totally amazing! I never leave reviews for products, but this kayak has been the best purchase in a long long time. I enjoy it more than my car (and I have a nice car!). My wife and I have THE BEST of weekends using this in the local lakes around our area and the ease of use, the value for what it costs, it’s a great great boat! I’ve had canoes and other hard metal/fiber boats in the past and I prefer this inflatable, it’s very durable, ultra comfortable and very functional, not slow or dragging, I’m so happy with this boat I plan on buying 2 so I can go with my friends/kids when we use our 1st purchased one. Thank you!

  2. EY (verified owner)

    Awesome inflatable kayak! My opinion is it’s the top inflatable kayak out in the market. Very durable design, sturdy, and construction. Very responsive customer support from Aquaglide! The Aquaglide customer support responses by email have been within 24 hours after submitting my questions. This kayak handles three people with ease and comfortably. It is amazing that something 15+ feet long can conveniently fold up and store in the carrying case that comes with it. I separately purchased the Aquaglide electric, high pressure air pump which can inflate the kayak under 10 minutes. Even if the Aquaglide manual, dual-action hand pump (also has to be purchased separately) is used, it inflates and sets up in approximately 20 minutes. This inflatable kayak moves through the water smoothly and is very stable. Almost everything about this kayak and Aquaglide’s customer support are 5-stars. But the only the reason I gave the kayak 4-stars is because of the lack of back support of its Aquaglide Proformance seats that comes with this kayak. The seatbacks of the Proformance seats are too low and are also not firm enough. My back tends to be sore after kayaking. My feedback to Aquaglide is to improve the design of the Proformance seats to have a higher and much firmer seatback to give better back support.

  3. David

    Great boat. We were reluctant to get an inflatable, but my wife wanted something she could handle herself (on and off car) for when she felt like going solo. Light it is, but not wimpy. It tracks really well with the “fin,” which is pretty easy to install and remove. (Although I’m sure that I will lose the thumb screw and square nut in no time) It’s rated at 600 lbs, but I think that’s generous as it rides low with two people, and adding equipment for an overnight may push it. It does take on water, even with the bailing valves closed, but that’s not an issue. (If you don’t want to get wet, get a ski boat, not a kayak.) the floor is solid when pumped to capacity (6 psi).

    So far we’ve only taken it on a lake, but will give it a try on some modest whitewater this weekend.

    All around we’re quite happy with it and would most definitely buy it again. Also a pretty good price point.

  4. Tyler Leuten

    I love this kayak!
    Easy and quick to setup. Solid and durable. Light enough that the wife and I can carry (fully inflated with gear) from parking lot to river. My eight year old daughter easily sits in the middle. It is very quick and easy to paddle, goes straight, does not drift. Tons of straps for tiedown options. Seats are high quality. I will buy a Aquaglide SUP next year as my daughter will probably be too big to sit in the middle.

  5. Donald Blodger

    After two previous kayaks, which have included an old & heavy tank and a very cheap and entirely compromised small tandem, we decided our next one would be the best…and hopefully our last. After obsessively researching every tandem kayak on the market, we settled on the 2021 Aquaglide Chelan 155. Fortunately, we bought it before it was sold out…again.

    Yesterday I took it out for an extended and ambitious test drive with a fishing buddy. It consisted of an 11-hour trip paddling and fishing down one of the secluded stretches of the Upper Sacramento River.

    PROS: It is a fantastic tandem watercraft and exceeded all my expectations. Specifically, it is very light, yet on the water, it is extraordinarily stable. Considering it is a high-pressure kayak, it took only a few minutes to inflate, and surprisingly, even after 11 hours of being on the water, the pressure seemed like it did when we started. The tracking was very straight and true and yet quite nimble as we at times needed to dodge obstacles in the water.

    Considering we took five fishing rods, a fair amount of fishing gear, an ice chest, a couple of large dry bags, along with two Scotty fishing rod holders attached to the plates on the deck, we had enough room. I am now thrilled I went with the Chelan 155 vs. the 140, not just for the additional length but the 600lb capacity limit.

    Other pros would be the 6 scupper drains, the drop-stitch, hard-bottom deck, an abundance of hooks & staps, and the very easy to inflate comfortable seats. We haven’t used the jumper seat yet, but it will come in handy with our gaggle of grandchildren. The adjustable seat positions are also a great plus. And let’s be honest, it also looks great on the water with the blue color and sleek design.

    CONS: There is only one aspect of the 155 that made me say, “What were they thinking?” And that is the need to use a not-attached-to-anything, easy to drop tiny hand screw and a small plate to secure the fin. Detaching the fin after a long day felt like it could be easily be dropped and lost. Is this a deal-breaker? No, not at all; nothing is perfect.

    BOTTOM-LINE: Highly Recommended. Pricey, but very well worth it in almost every way. Next up, kayaking Monterey Bay on the coast of California.

  6. Bill Hayes

    Now that I have used my Chelan 155 over a dozen times I can share my experiences.
    On a river trip I encountered low water and lots of rocks. I did remove the fin and still was in total control and comfort while the others in canoes and hard kayaks had to get out several times. The inflated seat and adjustable back provided super comfort for over a 5 hour trip. Zero back discomfort!
    On lakes the tracking and speed were perfect. Set up for 2 persons with inflatable seats with companion recovering from knee replacement surgery. Access and departure were simple from kayak. Also on several outings we were touring for 3-4 hours non stop. Again, no discomfort for backs and legs.
    I also set up for solo use and used a higher mesh framed sead that is standard on the Aquaglide 16 foot fishing HB kayak. The comfort and stability were again excellent.
    Overall, my Chelan155 is so much better than my expectations. I have recommended the Aquaglide HB kayaks to my sons and several friends that want to purchase their own. If only there were available.
    I do agree with revious post that the pin and screw used for the fin need some re-engineering.
    Hope supplies increase since I want to buy several more for Christmas gifts

  7. Dave and Sharon

    We are very pleased with our Chelan 155. We’ve had it for a few months now, primarily using it from our our sailboat. Assembly, entry and exit from our boat is very easy! The dropstitch deck floor assists greatly getting in and out next to a bobbing sailboat. Tandem paddling is easy and handles direction changes and tracking nicely. An important comment that needs be added in the instructions/ maintenance area – when drying for storage the dropstitch deck can be removed in order for the underside of the deck and kayak base can be cleaned and dried thoroughly; if not its an ideal area for mold to form. Also agree that the attachment screw design of the skeg could be a hit simpler.
    The build is exceptional and reflects the higher price for the quality and design.

  8. Mike Hill

    Great kayak!! after experience with origami canoe this a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to use, we have toured with it through Scotland, England, Wales and the republic of Ireland and enjoyed evry second along with our two dogs – once again a great piece of kit very practical and extremely portable and fits in our campervan neatly – very happy customers!!!!

  9. Marc

    This kayak is as advertised. It track very well but in single our duo mode. Although not the fastest, it fulfill the needs for greater stability. It is quite roomy vs the 144 and not much heavier. I find it very forgiving even when fully loaded.

  10. Vesta Giles

    I absolutely love this kayak. I’m able to take my mom (79) out and she is loving it. When she gets tired paddling I can easily paddle for the 2 of us. It’s also easy for her (and me) to get into and out of and we went out on a very windy and wavy day on a local lake and rocked is hard as we could to see if water would come in and it didn’t so she feels really safe and together we are having a great time exploring local lakes. When she didn’t feel like coming I could easily take it out on my own. It tracks great and we have no need for speed so that’s not a factor for us. I’m recommending this kayak to all of my friends.

    My only cons would be the tiny screw that holds the fin on – we already lost it and had to modify a different screw while the replacement arrived. I highly recommend ordering extra screws when you order the kayak. The other con is that I like photography and I like taking my go pro out. I wish there was an option to have the scotty plate a little further forward or some other options so it I’m not straddling the go pro mount when we are using the kayak as a tandom. Just six or so inches forward would make it much more versatile. This is a small complaint. I really love the kayak.

    • aquaglidedev

      Thanks for the feedback, Vesta! We’re so happy to hear that you and your mom are loving the Chelan and having so many great days on the water. As far as the fin, stay tuned for a solution we’re launching in 2023 that you will be able to easily implement on your kayak! And we will pass along the note on scotty mount placement to our product dev team. We have chatted with some folks who buy additional scotty plates and glue in the exact spot they desire. We’d be happy along more information there if you’re interested. Cheers!

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