Challenge Track L

3D image of a challenge track from the side
3D image of a challenge track from the side
3D image of a challenge track from above

Challenge Track L

Item # 585219684

Challenge Track Large steps up to long course format with a feature set optimized for traditional depth profiles ranging from 3.5 to 8 feet (1m – 2.44m). Seven awesome features provide a stream of excitement for up to 25 users.  Stepping up to a longer Challenge Track, begin with four popular features before taking on the challenging I-Beam and Neptune features. Finally, slide into the finish on the Freefall Extreme.

Capacity: 25
Warranty: 3-year commercial warranty against any manufacturing defects.
Dimensions: 138ft (42,0m) x 12.6ft (3,85m)
Min Water Depth: 8.0 ft (2,44 m)
Not Included: Mooring lines and inflation pumps.


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Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


List of Components

  • Freefall Extreme (1)
  • King of the Mountain (Body only) (1)
  • Neptune 20 (1)
  • I-Beam 20 (1)
  • Lugeway 10 (1)
  • Sierra 10 (1)
  • Universal Keyhole (1)
  • Swimstep 5 x 5 (7)
  • 28 moorings

Aquaparks require moorings, anchors, pumps, and other support accessories.


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