Aquapark Pump 230v (EURO)

Aquapark Pump 230v (EURO)

Item # 585220106
Best For: Aquapark Inflation


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The Aquaglide 230V Platinum pump is suitable for inflating large water sports and aqua park equipment. It has a main engine (3.3 PSI) and an additional booster (7.3 PSI), which can be added if necessary. The pump is connected to the power circuit with a socket cable and offers not only the inflation function but also the ability to vent air. Dimensions ca: 32 x 17 x 26 cm. Weight: 4.1 kg. This pump utilizes a European standard plug.

This pump is designed to fit Aquaglide valves. We cannot guarantee that it will fit other brand’s valves.


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Item # 585220106