Our Story

Since 1995

For over 30 years, Aquaglide has been developing products and sharing our passion for having fun on the water. What began as the answer to a common need has evolved into a global brand with fiercely loyal customers and over 120 innovative products. Successfully operating on six continents, our designs are carefully vetted and constantly refined based on years of feedback from our global network as well as engineered to meet the highest standards in quality and product safety.  We look forward to having you be part of our story.


About Us

Aquaglide World Headquarters is located in the city of Bend, Oregon in the heart of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  With surging whitewater, placid coves, and seemingly endless waterways within close reach, it’s no accident that Aquaglide chose this area as a home base. Our location provides endless inspiration to design our products and lots of water to test them in.



Revolutionary Waterparks

Modular pieces can be assembled into various waterpark configurations or as standalone play products. All pieces are intended for long-term and heavy-duty use; built tough to meet the heavy demands of camp, resort and commercial use, yet also suitable for residential purposes.


Aquaglide systems can be built into extendable, predetermined parks or something unique to your needs.


Maximum Fun

Aquaglide designs are carefully vetted and refined based on feedback from our global network. Each product is engineered to meet the highest standards in quality and product safety, but no product is complete without extensive on-water testing to confirm that it provides, among other things, maximum fun.