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Photo by Jesse Schpakowski

What Kind of Paddler Am I?

Every kayak and paddleboard has a unique intended purpose inherent in the intention of its design. Product developers work tirelessly tweaking angles, volumes, and more to make vessels that maneuver and operate to specification, all for the intended user group, and inevitable captain. While many boats and boards in the Aquaglide line can cross-over into other hydro-arenas, here’s the 411 on which category of paddlecraft fits your intended adventures.

Recreation Retreats

This type of kayaking is accessible to everyone. Recreational boating is the broadest and simplest category of kayaking and paddleboarding. Characteristics of these watercraft are a large cockpit (the opening you sit in) and wide deck for stability. They are easy to get in and out of, and work well for diverse bodies, kids and adults alike – even for an adult and child simultaneously. Typically stable and durable, they can be slightly heavier than other categories of paddlecraft – but that is less of a factor when it comes to the lighter weight class of inflatables. 

Tandem Terrain 

If you are looking to fit two adults, multiple children and/or pets in one vessel, a tandem kayak is for you. Aquaglide tandems range in capacity accommodating up to 600lbs. In general, these kayaks are good for the same purposes as the recreation kayaks. Family friendly fun days in the sun on lakes, rivers, and mellow bays or estuaries. 

Touring Trips 

Want to head out on an overnighter or full day exploration? You will be happiest in a touring vessel. These boats are made for long days and a range of conditions. Usually narrower then their recreation counterparts, touring boats are made for punching out miles with optimal ease. For an all day adventure on the water when you aren’t sure what you will encounter, you’ll especially want an inflatable. Easy to pack and patch if necessary, inflatables are as versatile as watercraft can get. 

Angling Adventures 

Deciding on between an angling vessel or other category type comes down to one critical question – do you like to fish? And, do you want to do it from a kayak or paddleboard? The Blackfoot series provides tons of stability, space, and weight capacity. For these reasons, angling offerings from Aquaglide can easily cross over as recreation boats when they aren’t being rallied to chase fish. 

Ultralight Utopias 

The new kid on the block in the Aquaglide quiver, the Backwoods Ultralight series is made to be packable for any imaginable expedition. Carrying up to 300 lbs and weighing between 6-12lbs, this inflatable can practically fit in your pocket (or at least in your backpack). These boats are popular for angling, multi-sport adventures, or backcountry paddling, and they make a portage feel like a walk in the park. If your goal is hiking or biking with your kayak, or ultimate space saving, an ultralight may be for you.

Whitewater Crossovers 

The whitewater crossover watercraft are a perfect fit for anyone wanting to explore downriver or on a water way with waves. For some class 2 and under, the McKenzie series is happiest when it’s plowing through downriver currents, frisky ripples and beyond. With capacity options for one or two adults, rocker for blasting through splashy waves and a self bailing floor, the Mckenzie series is a formidable steed for exploring downriver limits. 

No matter your paddling goals, there is a craft that fits your needs. And with modern, versatile watercraft, your boat of choice will likely be usable for multiple kinds of adventure. So choose a boat, and get out there!

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