Visit One of These 4 Aquaparks in the US This Summer

Visit One of These 4 Aquaparks in the US This Summer

The dog days of summer are officially here, which means one thing: it’s time to curb those hot days with some good old-fashioned fun on the water! Get all of your climbing, sliding, bouncing, and out-of-this-world catapulting done with a trip to one of Aquaglide’s awesome aquaparks, where the fun is extreme and your skills are put to the test. The kids will love it, almost just as much as the adults, so bring the whole fam along on this bucket list adventure. Make this summer a memorable one with a visit to one of these four Aquaglide aquaparks in the US.

  1. Splash Aqua Park, Wichita, Kansas

Claiming the title for largest Aquaglide aquapark in the US, Splash Aqua Park in Wichita, Kansas, features far more play structures than any other — enough to accommodate a whopping 370 users at one time. Guests can climb the Summit, only to decide if they’d like to slide their way down or impress others with a stellar backflip off the top. Try to make your way across the iBeam if you can, without slipping and sliding all around. Have some fun on the Catapult, where you can swing as you please with an impressive landing into the water. Ready to blast off? A blast bag will send you flying high into the air before landing into the clean lake water. In addition, Splash Aqua Park boasts the largest Monsoon System in the world, with a 7-station system, perfect for cooling off when you need it.

Located in the Crossgate District, Splash Aqua Park is open seven days a week all summer long. Ready to put your skills to the test? Every Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. guests have the opportunity to run one of the three challenging time trial courses and become the newest record holder. Get ready for a whole lot of slipping, sliding, and splashing your way to the finish line at Splash Aqua Park.

  1. The Adventure Lagoon, Anaheim, California

Experience the epic aqua park at Adventure Lagoon, where the crystal clear lake below stays between 74 and 78 degrees year round. Located in Anaheim, California, Adventure Lagoon’s aquapark features some of Aquaglide’s most epic aquapark pieces that will keep the stoke level flying high all day. 

The state-of-the-art floating obstacle accommodates all adventurer’s skill levels, from rookies up to skilled athletes. The Ring Monsoon XXL keeps all guests cool, even when they are out of the water, thanks to the perfect amount of mist and spray spewing from the top. Check out the Kaos, a gigantic bouncing dome that serves as an “on-the-water trampoline”, which allows people to climb, bounce, slide, splash, or even lounge. Lose your breath with the Freefall Extreme, in which you have to climb the ladder to experience the epic 16.5-foot free fall slide. And everyone loves Monkey Dome, where you can swing the day away on this fun and classic climbing structure. Make your day as exhilarating or relaxing as you want it to be, at The Adventure Lagoon.

  1. Lake Las Vegas Westin, Henderson, Nevada

When you’re in the heat of the desert, there’s no place you’d rather be than… Lake Las Vegas Westin in Henderson, Nevada. Yes, palm trees and shimmering lake water do exist in Sin City, just 20 miles from the Las Vegas strip. The epic aquapark located in Lake Las Vegas features plenty of excitement for the whole family, featuring key park pieces like two Monsoons, Summit Express, Catapult, and multiple kickbacks and Bendbacks to keep the excitement up while running the whole circuit.

Guests can purchase 90-minute aquapark passes at the Westin, which just might leave you yearning for more thrills and excitement on the water for another 90-minute round.

  1. MetroLagoons – Southshore Bay, Wimauma, Florida

With crystal clear waters and the most tropical setting you can imagine, say hello to MetroLagoons – Southshore Bay aquapark in Wimauma, Florida. Southshore Bay Lagoon is what summer tropical vibes are made of — there’s a swim-up bar, clear blue waters, space to relax in the sun, beach volleyball courts, and one of the best “floating obstacle courses” around, Aquaglide’s aquapark. With features for all fitness levels, this all-star set-up makes it easy to fly high off the Jungle Jim, climb and slide off the Jungle Joe2, and race your friends to the top of the King of the Mountain. 

For over 15 years, Aquaglide has been building custom aquaparks all over the world, including 5-star resorts, lakefront properties, and everywhere in-between. While this list only mentions four aqua parks, there are many more must-see set-ups. For a look at a few other Aquaglide aquaparks located across the globe, visit here.

Ready, set, GO… it’s time to plan your next vacation to one of these four aquaparks in the US this summer. Get ready for thrills and fun, no matter which one you end up at. Who knows, maybe you’ll visit all four one day!

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