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Five Ways to Boost Your Lakefront Homes’ Chill Factor

Your lakefront home is your oasis. It’s your space to kick back, relax, and create lasting memories for years to come, overlooking peaceful waters and breathtaking views. Are you tapping into your waterfront escape’s true potential? Have you created a space that allows you to fully enjoy all that your property has to offer? To live in a lakefront home is to love it. Love it even more with these five ways to boost your lakefront homes’ chill factor.

  1. An Unobstructed View

A beautiful view goes a long way, that is if you can actually see it. Make sure your waterfront is clear of any obstructions that may take away from the view. Prune and trim up trees. Shape shrubs and bushes. Create a path that’s visually striking and draws your eyes towards the water. By clearing your land of debris and creating a clean, seamless landscape, you set the tone for a serene and tranquil getaway, right in your own backyard.

  1. Create the Ideal Aquapark Set-Up

You’re not living your best lakefront life if you don’t have your Aquaglide aquapark dialed in. Get the perfect mix of relaxation and thrill with a residential setup that will keep your family and guests pumped for each session on the water. The possibilities are endless with Aquaglide’s lakefront play structures, where you can combine multiple pieces to create your own mini aquapark experience at your home. Jump for joy with trampolines and bouncers. Soar into open water with a launch bag. Take the guesswork out of what pieces work well together with one of Aquaglide’s Residential Mini Parks, which are designed with the lakefront home owner in mind. With six predesigned mini parks, there’s a combination of features to suit any lakefront need. 

  1. Build an Outdoor Bar

What better way to take advantage of the outdoors and your own personal waterfront than by having an outdoor tiki bar to enjoy? Sit back and relax with a margarita in hand just outside of your at-home bar, one that can be built DIY-style out of a shed. Gaze out onto the aquapark and listen to happy giggles while sipping a cold one. Ahh, now that’s the good life.

  1. Lounge On The Water

It goes without saying that any lakefront home deserves some extraordinary chill spots. Take your lounging seriously — on the water — with Aquaglide’s amazing lounge pieces. Whatever your lounge needs are, Aquaglide’s Liquid Lounge series has a piece that will bring your lounge game up a notch.

Family-Sized Lounging: The OG Lounge is an ideal waterfront hangout for family-sized groups. With integrated barstool seating, a raised table, cupholders, and a shaded canopy top, the OG Lounge fits up to six people and makes excellent use of your waterfront real estate.

Chill With Friends & Family: It’s no wonder the Ohana Lounge (Ohana = Hawaiian for family) is ideal for friends and family to gather for social hour. Featuring two comfy bench seats, a table with integrated cup holders, a mesh-bottom cooler cutout, and a shaded canopy, the Ohana is the perfect spot for prime time relaxing and socializing with friends.

Laid Back Lounger: The Revel Lounge is designed for enjoying all that your waterfront home has to offer, with a laid back tatami-style seating around a family size table. Accommodating up to six people, prepare an alfresco dinner or cheers to happy hour on the Revel for an unforgettable evening on the water.

Dog Days of Summer Lounger: The Lazy Lounge is the place to be when it is hot outside. With room for six and an integrated soaker mesh footwell that allows your feet to graciously submerge into the cool water, the Lazy Lounge is exactly as it sounds — a place for you to sit back, relax, and stay cool during those hot and humid days.

Floating on Water Lounger: You will quite literally feel like you are floating on water when you melt into the Soaker Lounger. Accommodating up to six people, the Soaker is the ultimate lounger when it comes to beating the summer heat and enjoying the cool water temps.

The Free-Standing Lounger: Bask in the sun on the Solarium, a waterfront social lounge deck, that can easily be added as an extra social space on your personalized Aquaglide aquapark.

  1. Add Lights, Furniture, & Ambiance

To complement the amazing on-the-water lounge pieces, get your outdoor space decked out with everything you need to create an additional “living” space, outdoors. Invest in good patio furniture where family and guests can sprawl out and relax. Help create ambiance by adding string lights to your outdoor space, and textiles like rugs and outdoor pillows. And when it’s time for happy hour, turn up the tunes with some outdoor speakers. 

We know now more than ever just how important our home really is. Take your waterfront living up a notch with these five ways to boost your lakefront home’s chill factor, and you will soon reap the benefits of all that hard work and doze off into total relaxation mode. Looking for inspiration on your home’s aquapark setup? Contact the Aquaglide team today for inspo, tips, and all of the information you might need to configure your lakefront home’s aquapark.

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