Everything You Need to Know About Aquaglide’s 2021 New Product Drop – Kayak & SUP

Everything You Need to Know About Aquaglide’s 2021 New Product Drop – Kayak & SUP

At Aquaglide, our passion for the water has produced a range of world-class watersport products and gear that have changed the way people think about inflatables. Focused on portability and ease of use, Aquaglide products are conveniently deflated, stowed in the included transport bag, and delivered to a new destination without having to deal with the cumbersome transport of typical hard shell kayaks or SUPs — like stowing in a truck or mounting on expensive roof racks. 

By combining thoughtful, purpose-built designs with new technologies, we’ve created a collection of performance inflatables for outdoor enthusiasts — from first-time paddlers to hard-core adventurers, and everyone in between.

Last year, most products in the new range saw a long-awaited, and highly successful overhaul. We carefully re-positioned products while adjusting construction, graphics and features. Building on the momentum from 2020 and the onslaught of fresh outdoor enthusiasts, we have worked to substantially raise the bar across the board. Complementing the existing range, we’ve been hard at work creating what we feel is our best new product drop yet. 

And now, let us introduce you to the next-level products themselves.

KAYAK 2021

Chelan Series: Performance Touring // The Chelan series sets the standard for performance touring inflatable boats. Featuring a high-pressure drop-stitch floor, this newly re-designed boat is optimized for speed and paddling efficiency for the touring paddler.

Blackfoot Angler Series: Technical Angling // Completely redesigned, the respected Blackfoot series is sure to impress the most sophisticated of anglers. This well-loved technical angling kayak is loaded with features like a plush frame seat and high-pressure drop-stitch floor for hard boat performance.

Backwoods Purist 65: Ultralight Paddling // An ultralight kayak that can really go anywhere. Coming in at a whopping 6 lbs, this boat offers pure simplicity, and perfect for the minimalist seeking out those high mountain lakes and streams.

Backwoods Angler 75: Ultralight Paddling and Angling // The Angler offers up more space and features than the purist, and weighs in at ten lbs. This boat carries extra length, width, and additional buoyancy for larger paddlers or extra gear. Optimized to enhance that high mountain fishing experience.

Backwoods Expedition 85: Ultralight Touring and Angling // When your adventures involve paddling longer distances or carrying additional gear, the Expedition 85 is an ultralight touring machine. Despite being ultralight, the Expedition 85 still maintains a tracking fin and inflatable floor.

SUP 2021

Cascade Series: All-Around/Recreational // Designed for the recreational user looking for a high-quality board with some unique, thoughtful amenities. Each board includes a paddle, along with a transport bag, pump, and leash.

  • Cascade 10’ SUP – designed for efficient, all-around paddling and optimized for riders under 180 lbs.
  • Cascade 11’ SUP – made for all-around use with extra glide and stability for larger paddlers or for family/multiple users.

Kush 11’ SUP: Recreational // The Kush offers outstanding stability and glide for a fully-relaxed ride. Great for family use. Includes a transport bag, pump, and leash.

Blackfoot Angler 11’ SUP: Technical Angling // Fully outfitted with seven Universal Mounts for every accessory you could dream of, from bait tray to rod holder. Designed and built for the master angler. Includes a transport bag, pump, and leash.

Roam 12’6” SUP: Performance Touring // Optimized for rigidity, speed and glide, the Roam is a lightweight touring board with just enough creature comforts to be geared for adventure. Includes a transport bag, pump, and leash.

There’s no denying that paddlesports participation has been on the rise in recent years — especially this past year. With this growing population of outdoor enthusiasts, the demand for user-friendly, portable paddle products designed and developed to enhance adventures, is at an all-time high. 

Get ready to take on all the water adventures you can handle, with Aquaglide in tow.

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  1. Paul Strivings

    GREETINGS, I’m amazed at your web-site offerings. You take “light-weight” litteraly. I love being on the water, but at near 74 find the canoes & inflatables I had are simply too heavy for me to carry far to the water. Most of my time on the water has been for fishing, so stability and safety are important. Have done some, less wild white watering but doubt that I’d take as much risk as I used to. Would love a detailed brochure, if you have one. And want to know if there is any way to see your boats closer the Tempe, AZ where I live. While your boats are extremely light weight dry, how much and for how long do they retain water weight? Manuverablity is desireable but probably less so for flat water use. How do your water craft handle the wind? Sometimes AZ gets a lot of wind and am interested in being able to get back to my starting point. Can the watercraft be stood in? At my age, sitting too long reduces my mobility. How much mobility would I lose by getting a longer craft (take along another fisherman or grandchild)? Thank you for taking my questions. Paul

    1. aquaglidedev

      Hi, Paul! It sounds like our inflatables are a great fit for your needs. Despite their lightweight and portability, you will find them quite stiff and stable, especially those made with drop-stitch floors such as the Chelan. Our boats can handle wind quite well, and wider models such as the Blackfoot are certainly able to be stood in! Water weight is fairly dependent on boat; some have self-bailing floors and some do not, as well as some are decked (such as the Noyo and Navarro) and others are not. Our longer boats are still very maneuverable, and are great options even for solo paddlers. Many fisherman use our longer Blackfoot for just themselves and their gear. As far as local shops, reach out to Riverbound Sports Paddle Co in Tempe – they have Aquaglide demos and know our product inside and out! Thanks for all of your thoughtful questions. We hope you find exactly the boat you’re looking for!

  2. Aj

    When can we expect the new chelans up here in Canada?

    1. aquaglidedev

      Hey AJ. Thanks for reaching out! Our supply chain has been and continues to be drastically effected by COVID-19. We are hoping to receive more Chelan inventory later this June or July. If you haven’t already, we recommend checking our dealer locator (https://www.aquaglide.com/aquapark-locator/?v=7516fd43adaa) to see if there are any Canadian dealers who have remaining stock from their initial inventory supply.

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