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A Look Into 5 of the Wildest Aquaglide Aquaparks in the World

Here at Aquaglide, we know a thing or two about world-class aquaparks. From breathtaking crystal clear lagoon settings, to larger-than-life setups that accommodate over 100 people, the range of Aquaglide’s aquaparks throughout the world is wildly impressive. Plan your next water escape (or daydream a visit) to one of these five exhilarating aquaparks in the near future.

 1.Diamante Crystal Lagoon

Located in the beautiful crystal-clear blue waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Diamante Crystal Lagoon features an aquapark built to provide thrills and excitement for vacationers from abroad. The park setup features key pieces like the Catapult, Monkey Dome, and Kaos — with each piece strategically placed to provide the ultimate aquapark circuit experience within the 10-acre Crystal Lagoon. With views of the Diamante’s signature sand dunes and the majestic Pacific Ocean, guests will enjoy every minute of fun and relaxation at this exclusive global aquapark.

2. Lake Las Vegas

Splashing into the Las Vegas scene in spring of 2019, Lake Las Vegas’ larger-than-life aquapark features some of Aquaglide’s newest pieces, like the Loki, a warped luge slide with two novice ladder walls, two mini-drops, four advanced climbing lines, and an expansive cave area to lounge in. One of the largest aquaparks out there, the Lake Las Vegas Aquapark accommodates more than 100 people, and features two Monsoons and LifeGuard Towers, Summit Express, Catapult, and multiple Kickbacks and Bendbacks — which keep the circuit full of excitement in between the larger pieces. Check out the aquapark in all of its glory on this video.

3. Velocity Island

Velocity Island Park is Northern California’s largest floating obstacle course and an ideal place to create memories for all ages. Conquer 25,000 square feet of slides, swings, balance beams, trampolines and more. This aquapark features some of the biggest and baddest Aquaglide pieces, including the Kaos, Arena 30, Skyrocket, and Jungle Joe.

4. Aquapark Biscarrosse

Ever wonder what it might feel like to get your aquapark game on at night? Well here’s your chance, at the famed Aquapark Biscarrosse, located on the shores of Port Maguide in France. Take on this infamous course in the evening hours, with the waters lit up only by colorful lights. One of the largest aquapark structures in France, there’s fun for the whole family at this mega-course. And if you’re really feeling daring, get on the list for the incredible freefall yacht slide for that gut-twisting thrill.

5. Lunar Cable Park

As if it’s on another planet, the Lunar Cable Park is outta this world in terms of both location and stellar setup. Located along the picturesque Andalusian Coast in Andalucia, Spain, the Lunar Cable Park serves up a healthy dose of fun and excitement among its participants. Anyone from performance-oriented individuals and athletes, to families looking to enjoy the warm mediterranean climate, will love this thrill-seeking space in a moon-like setting. With all of the usual suspects like Summit Express, Jungle Joe, and Thunderdome, it’s hard to not keep a smile on your face as you race through the exhilarating circuit off the coast of Spain.

Get ready to blast off (literally!) into adventure at these five wildest aquaparks in the world. For a deeper look into some more exquisite parks in open waters, check out Aquaglide’s Aquaparks gallery.

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    Hello Srs Aquaglide
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      Hey Marcelo. Thanks for reaching out! Our Sales team will send you an email to gather more information. Cheers!

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    Hello Aquapark team!! I’ve been researching and spending A TON of time looking at the idea of opening an XXL Waterpark here in East Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains…I would like more information on what needs to be done to get this show on the road. If you can please contact me so we can talk I would greatly appreciate it!!

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      Thanks for reaching out, Matthew! We’d love to help you through the process – East TN is a great place for an aquapark. Our sales team will be reaching out to you shortly!

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