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7 Epic Aquapark Pieces

Want to enhance your water recreation with a park that is equal parts disneyland and ninja warrior course? Here’s a list of the aquapark pieces that will catapult your water park experience into the deep end! 

Free Fall Supreme 

Towering at 16 feet high with a zero-entry slide multiple passengers wide, this is one of the most popular pieces in Aquaglide’s commercial line. Two climbing lines, a massive interior play structure for bouncing, swinging and chilling will keep families and kids of all ages occupied from dusk to dawn on sunny days. The Free Fall Supreme can be a standalone or connect to other features for the ultimate park experience. 

Supertramp 23

The Supertramp 23 is a massive trampoline that allows for maximum air time. With a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and springs, this tramp really is super. Add a slide and Launch Bag to complete the experience, and create a standalone park, or connect to any other park pieces via the integrated D-rings.

Escalade Summit Climbing Wall

The culmination of several iterations, this climbing wall represents a leap forward in design! Way taller than prototypes, this piece is an adrenaline rush and not for the faint-of-heart. Sturdy foot and hand holds lead from water to summit and guard-buoys protect the landing zone. This piece connects to the Aquaglide Summit Express.


Ever wondered what it’s like to free fall from a circus trapeze into the welcoming arms of the water? Try it from the Skyrocket! It’s the most epic rope swing from assuredly the tallest inflatable park pyramid! It’s perfect for launching contests – just see how far you can catapult compared to your friends. 

Loki Corner

A meandering luge on the water, this inflatable park piece boasts two novice ladder walls, two mini-drops, and four advanced climbing lines. A center access format is used to reach the main luge slide via built-in ladder walls. Users have an option of taking advanced climbing lines to reach the expansive cave area under the slide for a convenient place to lounge. Standalone or latched to other features, the Loki offers numerous  layout configurations.


Want to know what it’s like to teeter-totter on a multi-dimensional inflatable bouncy bull ride? 

Check-out the one and only, most popular product in the Aquaglide Park line-up, the circular Rockit water rocker.  This is perhaps the most welcoming park piece allowing all ages and all sizes a medium and opportunity to bounce and play on the water. 

No matter which pieces you choose, with Aquaglide’s endless configuration possibilities, you’re sure to have an aquapark everyone can’t get enough of!

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