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10 Reasons Why Paddlesports Have Become So Popular

This year has been one for the (history) books, as all know and understand. Priorities have shifted. What was once important, may have shifted to something else. And above all, we have realized that connection to other people, nature, and ourselves, is vital. Enter the world of… paddlesports. There’s been a major influx of newcomers into the paddlesports world, and besides some of the obvious reasons for growth over the last few years, we’re highlighting ten reasons why paddlesports have become so popular. If you haven’t taken a spin on the open water aboard a kayak or stand up paddle board, it’s time to get on board (yeah, us water folks can be punny, too).

Social Distancing: Safely Connect With Others

We all crave deep human connection. Sadly, that’s something most of us are not able to get enough of this year. When you head out with others on a paddling excursion, you can practice safe social distancing measures, all while having a good time and connecting with friends and family.

Time Spent Outdoors

Feeling blue? Get outside. Feeling anxious? Get outside. Nature is something that puts your mind at ease. That fresh air, combined with glimpses of our precious Mother Earth, make for a great outing that can turn any frown upside down.

Time Spent in Water

Did you know that the simple act of looking at a body of water can help put your mind into a relaxed and trance-inducing state? As a result, we are able to process our thoughts more calmly and clearly, and ultimately increase our overall well being. During stressful times, being in or around water can immensely reduce stress-levels, according to science (and our recent blog post).

Cost-Effective Hobby

There was once a time when paddle boards and kayaks cost more than an arm and a leg. Paddlesports in general are gaining a lot of steam due to a few factors, with affordability being a top contributor. Technology and manufacturing have improved over the years, making it easier for companies to deliver quality products at a good value. And opposed to hard-shelled gear, Aquaglide’s durable inflatable construction makes the wallet and heart happy. Once you’ve got your vessel, find comfort in no extra fees like season passes. The water is yours.

Priorities Have Shifted

It’s apparent that priorities have seriously shifted since the beginning of 2020. Maintaining a positive attitude and overall health and well being is of the utmost importance. Spending time doing what you love. Spending time outdoors, in nature. All of these factors point to hobbies that keep you active and outside. That makes for the perfect recipe for kayaking or paddle boarding your way through the year.

Can Be Done On Your Terms

Paddlesports is a hobby that can be done on your time, when you’re ready. There’s no hard stop to the season. It’s a matter of dressing the part, and adapting to the weather year-round. Have a busy few weeks? Your board or boat will be ready for you when you are.

Easy to Transport

Owning a kayak or SUP no longer means you need a big rig or racks to transport it. When using inflatables like Aquaglide’s Deschutes 110 or the Cascade 10, you can simply pack it in it’s convenient carrying bag, load it into the car (or on your back!) and head on out to your next adventure.

Quick Learning Curve

It’s true that some sports have a much longer learning curve than others. Recreational kayaking and SUPing are both fairly easy to get the hang of. And just like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, you’ll have those skills for a lifetime. Priceless.

Accessibility of Waterways

You no longer have to invest in a boat if you want to hit up the waterways you live near.  Most people live within 15 miles or so of waterways, making watersports quite accessible these days. Add to that a culture that’s embracing an active lifestyle, the paddle industry has grown quite quickly over the years. 

Low-Impact Cardiovascular Benefits

Paddlesports not only fulfill your adventure cup, but they have the benefit of offering a low-impact workout, perfect for cross-training or individuals with injuries or chronic pain. You engage multiple parts of your body while paddling, including upper body and core. Get a workout in while having fun, what a concept!

Already into paddlesports? You’re ahead of the game. Invite a friend or two to join you one time, and share the paddling love. A novice to the sport? At Aquaglide, we can guide you in picking out your boat or board, and offer some helpful tips in just starting out. Paddle on, friends.

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